Gold City Tattoo was opened to provide two things! #1 amazing artwork and #2 the best customer service. It has been and always will be my goal to provide you with the best experience you will ever have getting a tattoo. Gold City has at its core the belief that you deserve superior art at an affordable rate.

There are so many choices when it comes to where to spend your money on tattoo art. We ask that you compare portfolios and never settle for the cheapest tattoo or hourly rate. There are a lot of shops that will give you a picture off the wall and there are a lot of people that will take them. That too means you may see your tattoo on someone else. We will work with you on your design to make sure it is as unique as you are.

Our shop is an upscale decor studio and one that will immediately put you at ease when you stop in.

We have evolved over the years into a shop that I am extremely proud of. We have built a reputation that is very positive in the community and the tattoo industry. We will not let an artist act as if their time is more valuable than yours. We will not take the choice to come to us lightly. There are some great shops in North Georgia and we look forward to proving ourselves to you.

Some of our Gold City alumni are David Heckathorn, Rachel Fulton and of course JP Alfonso. I have had the honor of working along side these people and am proud that they helped in our success.

A special thank you to my little brother JP Alfonso. I gave JP his first job in a shop in the US and as a result I owe a lot of my knowledge to JP and could not have made it without his help. This is a fluid business and people move around but I can always count on him and just want to thank him.

Our motto – “The proof is in the INK!”



Monday – Sunday | 12pm to 8pm

We highly recommend appointments. We do take walk ins but only as our schedule allows.



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No piercings at this time. We
are sorry for any inconvenience.