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Alex Castellaw is a traditionally trained artist with a focus on traditional and script tattooing. With multiple years in the industry, Alex is a solid artist cutting his teeth in a new era of tattooing. Alex is also very gifted with digital art creation and is always creating flash art for tattooing or prints for sale.
In his own words about tattooing, “Tattooing is an ancient art form, practiced for millennia. From Neolithic times to modernity, art itself is a primal calling from within one’s self to outwardly express emotion, ideals, and change. Tattooing is grounded in tradition and steeped in the past, but always looking to the inevitable future.”
He is driven by his love for family, and artistic integrity. His passion for art is evident in everything he creates, from the smallest minimalist tattoo, to multi-hour sessions. With an eye for detail and emphasis on quality, he rounds out a great team and family here at Gold City Tattoo Co.