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We feel the consultation process is key to an amazing tattoo and experience. We do accept walk-ins, but they are usually smaller pieces that don’t require a lot of time, and only if our schedules permit. We are a custom tattoo shop, and stay booked.

If you are getting an hourly rate tattoo, the deposit up front is equal to the set rate and it is applied to your last hour of work received. Per piece tattoos the deposit will vary depending on how detailed the piece is. All deposits are applied to the cost of the tattoo.

Details of our deposit policy are given to you at the time of the consultation. This ensures you know the restrictions and terms of forfeiture of the deposit.

This Contact/Request Appt form will be emailed to us, so please be checking for our response email, as we typically respond within the first 24 hours.

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Please fill out the form below if you would like to book a consultation, tattoo, or piercing appointment.

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